The colour coding for backbone unshielded twisted-pair cables is given in Table 9.5

Table 9.5 - Colour coding for backbone UTP data cables
Tip conductors   Ring conductors Tip conductors   Ring conductors
White/blue Pair 1 Blue/white Black/brown Pair 14 Brown/black
White/orange Pair 2 Orange/white Black/slate Pair 15 Slate/black
White/green Pair 3 Green/white Yellow/blue Pair 16 Blue/yellow
White/brown Pair 4 Brown/white Yellow/orange Pair 17 Orange/yellow
White/slate Pair 5 Slate/white Yellow/green Pair 18 Green/yellow
Red/blue Pair 6 Blue/red Yellow/brown Pair 19 Brown/yellow
Red/orange Pair 7 Orange/red Yellow/slate Pair 20 Slate/yellow
Red/green Pair 8 Green/red Violet/blue Pair 21 Blue/violet
Red/brown Pair 9 Brown/red Violet/orange Pair 22 Orange/violet
Red/slate Pair 10 Slate/red Violet/green Pair 23 Green/violet
Black/blue Pair 11 Blue/black Violet/brown Pair 24 Brown/violet
Black/orange Pair 12 Orange/black Violet/slate Pair 25 Slate/violet
Black/green Pair 13 Green/black      

Extracted from The Electricians Guide Fifth Edition
by John Whitfield

Published by EPA Press
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