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Thank you for placing your order with TLC

For your protection, your order has been selected for Credit Card Verification.

Before your order can be processed,
we require by FAX or POST a photo-copy of the following:

1. The front and back of your Credit Card.

2. A recent Credit Card statement showing your billing address.
---( we do not need to see transaction history )
3. Your sales order reference number.


Please Note: we require all of the above information to process your order.

Please fax this information to: 01293 - 413649

or post to:

TLC - Direct
Unit 10, Chelsea Fields,
278 Western Road,
Merton, London.
SW19 2QA


If you have any queries with the above
please do not hesitate to contact the Sales Office.

TLC - Direct - Sales Department
020 8646 6866
( Mon - Fri 8am - 5.30pm )

email - sales@tlc-direct.co.uk

With the high volume of credit card fraud, we need to ensure
you are the cardholder. We have no wish to build the costs of
credit card fraud into our selling prices.