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Recycle your batteries at TLC


TLC’s new battery recycling points mean it’s even easier to get recycling. Read on to find out more…

Currently, the UK recycles less than 3% of portable batteries, with more than 30,000 tonnes of batteries being discarded every year

In February 2010, a new European Directive came into force, which means that wholesalers, including TLC, must provide collection containers for customers to return used portable batteries. The EU Directive states that 25 per cent of all batteries placed on the market must be recycled by 2012, rising to 45 per cent by 2016

Batteries can contain hazardous substances such as mercury, lead and cadmium. So along with the obvious benefits of recycling waste batteries, thousands of tonnes of valuable metals, such as nickel, cobalt and silver, could be recovered too

TLC has joined the BatteryBack compliance scheme and will be rolling out battery recycling points at all stores

After you’ve recycled your batteries, find out where they go at the BatteryBack website

What batteries to recycle You can recycle all household batteries at TLC battery recycling points. These include AAA cells, mobile phone batteries and button cells (used in hearing aids and watches).

Any type of household batteries can be accepted at battery recycling points – typically from 1.5 to 9 volts, including all types of sealed batteries from AAAs through to laptop types.