Triton T100E Care Shower 8.5KW White

T100E Care Shower 8.5KW White
A value for money electric care shower

Triton can help your new shower even easier to use for the elderly and disabled.
Every Triton Care Shower has the following key features:
Extended riser rail (1m)
Allows the showerhead to be positioned for use both in a seated or standing position
Soft Spray option
A multi spray pattern showerhead suitable for those with sensitive skin
Control Extension levers
Essential for people with arthritic hands
Reinforced high quality extended hose (1.75m)
Prevents kinking whilst allowing optimum manoeuvrability of the showerhead
for the carer when assisting someone to shower
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TT T100/8EC

Triton T100E Care Electric Shower 8.5kW - White Extended Range*


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EA 3+



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