NTE5 Master Socket Range

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Made by a BT licensed manufacturer

This socket will replace ALL variants of the NTE5-NTE5A, NTE5B, CTE5.
NTE5 Master Socket Range
Embedded technology helps to optimize the line speed on your ADSL/Broadband
this provides the same advantages as Broadband Enhancer I Plate

It is accepted within the UK by all network operators that the
the NTE 5A is the standard method for terminating 2 wire copper lines using BT style connectivity.
It features a removable Customer Connection Unit that provides a clear demarcation
between the network operator’s and customer’s wiring.

Sockets with the Bell wire filter
such as this socket or Sockets with the BT Openreach Logo
Performance can be increased in approximately 7out of 10 of homes and typical line performance benefits of around 1.5 Mb per second have been reported and in some cases a lot more. (30,000 homes tested)
See product for Accessories, Boxes and Grommets


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