Triton T100Si Topaz Showers

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Shown with Midnight Blue fascia
Triton T100Si Topaz Showers
  • Push START/STOP button
  • High performance thermostatic control makes the Topaz T100si one of the safest showers available
  • LCD display
  • Easy to use controls & layout
  • Superior compact styling and innovative design
  • Choice of 5 coloured fascia panels available as low-cost optional extras
  • Power rating: 8.5kW, 9.5kW or 10.5kW
  • Unique lime scale trap system ensures performance and increased life
  • With the Topaz T100si you enjoy simple controls using proven technology. There's a single button for Start/Stop and two other buttons for selection of hot or cold. The precise temperature can be adjusted with a simple control knob and this is monitored on an LCD, which is as reliable and proven as your mobile phone.
  • The temperature is displayed as °C.
  • When using the temperature dial, arrows will flash to indicate whether you are turning the temperature up or down and the number of segments that appear around the display will increase or decrease accordingly.
  • When the Stop button is pressed, the shower will continue to flow for a few seconds flushing all the hot water out of the unit. The display will indicate that it is about to shut down. This ensures that anyone stepping into the shower immediately after you does not have an unpleasantly hot start to their shower.
  • The display will also indicate if the pressure falls too low for the shower to operate effectively and it will let you know when the sprayhead needs cleaning.


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