12v AR111 Halogen Lamps G53

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12v AR111 Halogen Lamps G53
Aluminium reflector for better beam control, metal
cap over the filament to avoid direct glare.

The AR111 reflector lamp is a performance reflector lamp. It gives precise lighting and reduces glare.
It is still used widely in retail applications particularly when good colour rendering is paramount.

So by using this type of light in your project you'll get high contrast, low glare lighting for picking out your features.
Also called Halospot 111 (Osram), Masterline 111 (Philips).
Suitable for a wide range of applications in display, accent lighting
and general lighting in retail, museum and everywhere quality of light is essential.

Bright, white halogen quality light for decorative and architectural lighting Aluminium facetted reflector for a better beam control Metal cap over filament to avoid direct glare effects and hot point UV-block to reduce bleaching effect Long life (2 000 hours)


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