Lightweight Aluminium Ladders

Aluminium Stepladder with Tray
  • Complies to BSEN 131
  • Max Load 150kg
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Brennenstuhl - Telescopic Aluminium ladders

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Max. Static Vertical Load 150kg

Telescopic Aluminium ladders
The variable lightweight ladder for universal applications

Telescopic ladders.
This Foldable Telescopic Step Ladder is 3 products in one.
A straight ladder,
'A' frame stepladder and a
Stairwell ladder for uneven surfaces.

The well proven Brennenstuhl hinges enable the ladder to be
modified from a straight ladder to a stepladder within a few seconds.

Easy and safe rung-by-rung height adjustment.
Can be irregular on each side to accommodate stairs or uneven surfaces

Exceptionally compact for easy transporting and storage.
Side rails and rungs of aluminium

  • BS1420350
  • 4 Sections x 5 Treads
  • Ladder Height: max 5.3m
  • Stepladder Height: max 2.6m
  • Transport dimensions:
    length x width x depth
    1.6 x 0.6 x 0.2m
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