Danlers Quiet Dimmer Module

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MK Logic Grid Plus:

MK Logic Grid Plus
Quiet Dimmer Module
for MK Logic Grid Plus
400w - 2 Way
Quiet Dimmers which use ‘Trailing Edge Technology’
Slave switches allow lamps to be switched and dimmed from many locations.

Also suitable for use with LEDlite Dimmable GU10 LED lamps

Slim buttons give an easy press action. Holding the button down dims
or brightens the light to any level. A quick press switches off. Another
press returns the lamp softly to its previous brightness.

Special Features
Quiet operation owing to trailing edge technology. All versions
are suitable for mains halogen (e.g. GU10) lamps without the need for de rating.
The soft start feature prolongs the lamp life.
Multi-way switching and dimming can be achieved from any position by using the matching slave switches (DN SSGS).
These grid dimmer modules fit any position on the appropriate grid or plate system.
See product for Accessories, Boxes and Grommets


Dimmer Catalogue 1 and 2 way Wiring Diagram Spec Sheet
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