GX53 series - Low Energy Lamps

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GX53 series - Low Energy Lamps
Ultra-Slim Disk-Shaped Lamp

The GX53 is one of the smallest Low Energy lamps available
with a diameter of 75mm and a depth of just 25mm.
It has an integral ballast that means only the lamp holder is required in a light fitting.
The lamp holder type is called ‘GX53’.

Despite its size it produces 9 watts / 13 watts of light which is
equivalent to 40 watts / 60 watts from an incandescent lamp.

This means that it consumes 23% of the power to produce the same light.

The GX53 lamp also has the advantage of having an average life span of 8,000 hrs
as opposed to 2000 hrs for a normal incandescent lamp.

It uses 23% of the energy and lasts 4 times longer.

Display cabinets, under-shelf lighting, closets, workstations, corridors and staircases.
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9w GX53 Low Energy Lamp Cool White 4000K Clearance Stock