Hozelock Revolution UVC Filter

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Revolution UVC Filter
The Bioforce Revolution features a patented, easy clean system
and is combined with a 3 step filter process to offer Clear and Healthy Water Guaranteed:

A revolution is about to take place across garden ponds this spring as
Hozelock Cyprio launches the new and innovative Bioforce Revolution pressurised pond filter.

It’s what pond keepers have been waiting for!
The Bioforce Revolution has an efficient and mess free cleaning system – that will save time and inconvenience.
No more dirty hands – simply turn the handle to clean and filtered waste is removed with a flick of the diverter switch.
The Bioforce Revolution’s three step filter process guarantees clear and healthy water, which is achieved using a combination of a high powered UV clarifier, Cypricube foams and Kaldnes Biomedia.
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product photo HZ 1352 Hozelock Bioforce Revolution 6000 UVC Filter





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product photo HZ 1354 Hozelock Bioforce Revolution 14000 UVC Filter