Wylex Hi Integrity Dual RCD Consumer Unit

Wylex Hi Integrity
Dual 80A RCD + 100A Main Switch
Consumer Unit
Uses a flexible configuration to provide the optimal combinations of RCD protected circuits
Almost unlimited combinations

1 x 100 Amp DP Main switch controls the entire board and allows for up to 5 x RCBO's or MCB's circuits
2 x 80 Amp 30mA RCD allowing form RCD circuits to be split around a building

Max No of MCB's or RCBO's = 10 or 15

  • Allows 100% RCD Protection
  • Option for High Integrity with Individual RCBOs
  • Dual 80Amp 30mA RCD Protection
  • Allows for RCD Exemptions on MCBs
  • Second RCD for 2nd Group of Circuits
  • Main Switch controls all circuits
See product for Accessories, Blanks, MCB's and RCBO's


17th Edition Cosumer Units Supply Isolator Data Sheet
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