TSR Sensor Plus Storage Heater 850w5011139034793C79334

Rating Storage (kW) – 0.9kw
Charge Acceptance (7 hrs) (kWh) – 6.3kWh
Number of Elements – 1
Number of Core Bricks – 4
Dimensions – Height 705mm – Width – 335mm – Depth – 170mm

Weight – 41kg - Inc Bricks
TSR Sensor Plus Storage Heater 850w
Working on any low-cost tariff, these heaters monitor the room temperature and energy stored within the heater core to avoid overcharging.
This can save up to 15% of the energy used by ordinary storage heaters.

Key features include:
TSR Slimline models offer the same range of sizes and outputs but with simple manual input and output controls.

Key features
Simple controls - one for input and one for output
Lockable controls cover
Manual control adjustment

TSR6MW have no user controls and are IPX2 rated (drip-proof)
  • Elements (storage) - mineral insulated stainless steel sheathed
  • Insulation - opacified silicaceous aerogel and mineral fibre mat
  • Storage core - high density iron oxide compound
  • Controls* (Output) - manually adjustable thermostat controlling output damper
  • Controls (Input) - hydraulic charge control thermostat, manually adjustable
  • Protection - two level thermal safety overheat
  • Supply - 230/240V AC single phase


Instructions - 60kb pdf Assembly - 216kb pdf
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TSR Sensor Plus Storage Heater 850w Heavy Goods*


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