480 LED Twinkle Curtain Christmas Lights (Discontinued)

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480 non-replaceable RED LED's
Led Twinkle Curtain Light
480 RED Led Twinkle Curtain Lights


Black Flex
  • Lighting system comprises 20 strings of lights
    (each 2m long) suspended from a main flex (1.5m long)
  • Sequential flashing light system
  • 8 pre-programmed light sequences
  • Outdoor sequence controller with memory retention
  • Fixed, vibration and shock-proof lamps
  • Connection to the mains supply must be made indoors or in a suitable weatherproof socket
  • Supply Voltage: - 24v Transformer (supplied)
  • Lamp Spacing: - 8cm
  • Lamp Watts / Volts: - LED
  • Lead-in Length: - 10mts
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480 LED Twinkle Curtain Christmas Lights