Heat Alarm - (10 Year Battery) with Wireless Interconnection5099383003482EI603TYCRF

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Heat Alarm - (10 Year Battery)
with Wireless Interconnection
The Ei603TYCRF is a RadioLINK Heat Alarm, powered by a built-in 10 year Lithium battery.
This battery is designed to outlast the usable life of the alarm

The alarm gives a fire warning when the temperature at the unit reaches 58oC.
Heat Alarms are for use in Kitchens and Garages
where the use of Optical or Ionisation alarms would lead to unwanted nuisance alarms

The alarm will interconnect wirelessly to other RadioLINK alarms in the property when activated

Up to 12 alarms can be interconnected on one system

RadioLINK enabled Smoke and/or Heat alarms can be “House Coded” together
to prevent cross communication with other nearby RadioLINK systems
  • Fixed temperature fast response thermistor sensor, trigger temperature 58°C ± 4°C
  • Suitable for kitchens & areas where smoke alarms may be subjected to false alarms
  • 10 year Lithium battery powered – designed to outlast the useful life of the alarm
  • RadioLINK wireless interconnection
  • Aesthetically pleasing, compact design
  • Large, easy to use Test button
  • Easy to fit twist-on base
  • Kitemarked to BS5446 Pt2:2003
  • 5 year Guarantee
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Heat Alarm - (10 Year Battery) with Wireless Interconnection