15w Flytrap Reflector Glueboard (Discontinued)

15w Flytrap Reflector Glueboard0FTR15

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15w Flytrap Reflector Glueboard
Flytrap Reflector is a discreet insect control unit
designed to look like contemporary table-top lamp.

Flytrap Reflector is the perfect answer for public and domestic environments
that need an attractive insect control unit
  • Silent and discreet
  • Protect any room at home
  • Two year guarantee
  • Light Output - 15.00 W
  • Coverage - 20.00 sq m
  • UV Tube - 1 x 15w
  • Glueboard fly killers offer a silent and discreet alternative to
    the electronic units.
    Ideal for sensitive environments.
  • Flies are attracted to the UV light
    and then caught by the sticky glueboard.
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15w Flytrap Reflector Glueboard