63 Amp 30mA RCD 4 Pole - Hager3250611615019CDC463U

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RCD terminal capacity,
25 mm


Selective 3 Phase Circuits
within an Enclosure

Four Module
Hager 4 pole RCD
63 Amp 30mA

RCD's Residual Current Device Offers Protection against Electric Shock
  • Hager 4 pole RCDs may be used to provide earth fault protection on 3 phase, 3 wire systems, as the current balance mechanism does not require a neutral to be connected in order to operate effectively.
  • Hager RCDs must never be used as the sole method of direct contact protection, but are invaluable in providing supplementary protection in high risk environments where damage may occur.
  • However Hager 4 pole RCDs do, ideally, require a neutral conductor to be provided on the supply side of the RCD in order to ensure that the test circuit operates satisfactorily.
  • Where connection of a neutral supply is not possible, then an alternative method of ensuring that the test button is operational is to fit a suitably rated resistor between the load side neutral pole and a phase pole not associated with the normal test button operation.


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63 Amp 30mA RCD 4 Pole - Hager