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Carbon Monoxide Alarm
10 Year Guaranteed Sealed in Battery
Key Alarm Features
The Kidde 8LLCO carbon monoxide alarm has sealed in batteries that will last the full 10-year life of the alarm.
It has been designed to be fully tamper-proof and to start operating as soon as the back-plate is connected, meaning that the homeowner will benefit from the full 10 year alarm life.
Battery Life
This 10-year alarm will start to operate as soon as the back-plate is connected.
This guarantees that the homeowner will benefit from the full 10-year alarm life. Furthermore, Kidde’s advanced ‘Anti-Passivation’ software prevents the battery life from diminishing over time (Passivation) which is a common concern for long life lithium batteries.
Interrogation Diagnostics
With Kidde’s new interrogation capability, any ‘event’ can be analysed and diagnosed by a Kidde Engineer because recent events are stored within the alarms memory buffer.
These ‘events’ could include test procedures, low battery warnings, full alarm, PPM readings and fault modes.
This major development means that any unit can be diagnosed for alarm or fault analysis if there is any doubt as to whether CO was present or whether the unit was at fault.
Tamper Resist Feature
The alarm locks onto its base plate and requires a screwdriver to release it to prevent tampering.
Pull-down Information Panel
In an emergency, homeowners are likely to be in a state of panic and want to find out what course of action to take quickly and easily. With Kidde’s new pull-down information panel, the homeowner can quickly gain access to such important information without having to remove the unit from its mounting location.
This panel then remains out of view under normal operation conditions.
  • Power Supply - Sealed in battery
  • Tamper Proof - Yes
  • Sensor Technology - Electrochemical Sensing Technology
  • Temperature Range
    -10°C to 40°C
  • Humidity Range
    10%-95% relative humidity (RH) non-condensing LED’s
  • 2 LED’s (green = normal operation / red = full alarm or unit malfunction)
  • Alarm Sound Output - 85 decibels at 3m distance
  • Alarm Indication - Audible and Visual signals
  • Test / Reset Feature - Yes
  • Approvals
    Certified by BSI to EN50291-1. 2010
  • Mounting Options
    Wall-mount or free-standing options
  • Unit Dimensions
    118mm x 70mm x 40mm (out of packaging)
  • Unit Weight - 155g (out of packaging)
  • Lead-Free Components - Yes
  • Life of Alarm - 10-year sensor life
  • End of Life Notification - Yes – audible signal after 10-years
  • Diagnostics
    Fault or alarm mode diagnostics capability (by Engineer)
  • Passivation Software - Yes


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Carbon Monoxide Alarm 10 Year Guaranteed Sealed in Battery