1 Gang Securiswitch Light Switch5012483000502ZV210N

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Height: 122mm.
Width: 86mm.
Depth: 22mm.


Height: 86mm.
Width: 86mm.
Depth: 22mm.
1 Gang Securiswitch
Automatically turns on lights when it gets dark ( min 40w max 300w ).
Programmable to turn lights off at pre-set times between 1 to 8 hrs.
Replaces existing light switch.
Concealed setting dial, LED.
Light sensor prevents operation during daylight hrs.
  • Turns room lights on & off automatically.
  • Light ON time programmable for up to 8 hours approximately.
  • Adjustable light level control for dusk switching to compensate for differing light levels within a building.
  • Note: Cannot be used with dimmer switches in two way switching systems or replace an intermediate switch in three or more way switching systems. *ZV210, 215, 420, 510 can only be used with fluorescent lighting in con junction with FLA01 Strip Light Adaptor. ZV700 is suitable for low energy, fluorescent & low voltage lighting. Low energy lighting can also be controlled by ZV210, 215, 420, 510, in conjunction with the FLA01 if mounting space for the adaptor is available. ZV410 CANNOT be used with fluorescent lighting or low energy lamps.
  • Switch Type: Single on Single Gang plate
  • Max Lamp Size: 40W Min up to Max 300W
  • Light Level Sensing: Yes
  • Light on Time Adjustable: Yes
  • Concealed Front Panel: Yes
  • Fluorescent & Low Energy Lighting: Can be used with FLA01 Adaptor up to 85W
  • Conforms To Directives: 73/23/EEC; 89/336/EEC.


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SM ZV210

1 Gang Securiswitch Light Switch