100 LED Battery Lights - Blue****

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100 LED Smart Timer Battery Lights

Smart Timer 5mm LED Battery light Sets

These Led lights are battery operated and very versatile.
Because they are cool to the touch you can place them in a glass vase, wrap them around a garland or wreath

LED lights use 75% less energy than standard bulbs and emit a brighter light.

Can be used indoors / outdoors
100 LED lights available in Ice White, Warm White, & Multicoloured
Overall length = 10.4m
Battery Compartment dimensions:
Length = 150mm
Width = 90mm
Height = 40mm
Battery type = 3 x PBLR20 (not Included)
Unique Timer functions include:
After switch on the timer will switch off after 6 hours and automatically switch on again the same time the next day resulting in an extended battery life. (Approx 2 month battery life)
3 Functions:
On – Static/Timer Static / & Off
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XL BL100BN 100 LED Battery Lights - Blue