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British Standard Numbers with brief details @ 02 April 2001
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BS 1915:1968 Specification for still projectors
BS 1977:1976 Specification for high conductivity copper tubes for electrical purposes
BS 2000-274:1999
ISO 6297:1997
Methods of test for petroleum and its products. Petroleum products. Aviation and distillate fuels. Determination of electrical conductivity
BS 2000-315:1998
ISO 5662:1997
Methods of test for petroleum and its products. Petroleum products. Electrical insulating oils. Detection of corrosive sulfur
BS 2000-357:1983 Methods of test for petroleum and its products. Permittivity of bitumen
BS 2006:1984 Specification for aluminium collapsible tubes
BS 2011-2.1Ca:1977
IEC 60068-2-3:1969
Environmental testing. Tests. Test Ca. Damp heat, steady state
BS 2011-2.1Cb:1990
IEC 60068-2-56:1988
Environmental testing. Tests. Test Cb. Damp heat, steady state, primarily for equipment
BS 2011-2.1Fd:1973 Environmental testing. Tests. Test Fd. Random vibration - wide band, general requirements
BS 2011-2.1Fda:1973 Environmental testing. Tests. Test Fda. Random vibration - wide band reproducibility high
BS 2011-2.1Fdb:1973 Environmental testing. Tests. Test Fdb. Random vibration - wide band reproducibility medium
BS 2011-2.1Fdc:1973 Environmental testing. Tests. Test Fdc. Random vibration - wide band reproducibility low
BS 2011-2.1J:1989
IEC 60068-2-10:1988
Environmental testing. Tests. Test J and guidance. Mould growth
BS 2011-2.1Kc:1991 Environmental testing. Tests. Test Kc and guidance. Sulphur dioxide test for contacts and connections
BS 2011-2.1Kd:1977
IEC 60068-2-43:1976
Environmental testing. Tests. Test Kd. Hydrogen sulphide test for contacts and connections
BS 2011-2.1R:1990
IEC 60068-2-18:1989
Environmental testing. Tests. Test R and guidance. Water
BS 2011-2.1T:1981
IEC 60068-2-20:1979
Environmental testing. Tests. Test T. Soldering
BS 2011-2.1Ta:1989
IEC 60068-2-54:1985
Environmental testing. Tests. Test Ta. Soldering. Solderability testing by the wetting balance method
BS 2011-2.1Td:1990
IEC 60068-2-58:1989
Environmental testing. Tests. Test Td. Solderability, resistance to dissolution of metallization and to soldering heat of surface mounting devices (SMD)
BS 2011:Part 2.2C & D:1990
IEC 60068-2-28:1990
Environmental testing. Guidance. Tests C & D. Guidance for damp heat tests
BS 2011-2.2Kd:1984
IEC 60068-2-46:1982
Environmental testing. Guidance. Test Kd. Guidance on Test Kd: Hydrogen sulphide test for contacts and connections
BS 2011:Part 2.2Z/AFc & Z/BFc:1986
IEC 60068-2-53:1984
Environmental testing. Guidance. Tests Z/AFc and Z/BFc. Guidance on combined temperature (cold and dry heat) and vibration (sinusoidal) tests
BS 2011-5.1:1991
IEC 60068-5-1:1991
Environmental testing. Guide to drafting of test methods. General principles
BS 2050:1978 Specification for electrical resistance of conducting and antistatic products made from flexible polymeric material
BS 2067:1953 Determination of power-factor and permittivity of insulating materials (Hartshorn & Ward method)
BS 2099:1989 Specification for castors for hospital equipment
BS 2316:
Parts 1 & 2:1968
Specification for radio-frequency cables. General requirements and tests. British Government Services requirements
BS 2452:1954 Specification for electrically driven jib cranes mounted on a high pedestal or portal carriage (high pedestal or portal jib cranes)
BS 2486:1997 Recommendations for treatment of water for steam boilers and water heaters
BS 2488:1966 Schedule of preferred numbers for the resistance of resistors and the capacitance of capacitors for telecommunication equipment
BS 2501:1992 Specification for commercial refrigerated storage cabinets of the closed reach-in type
BS 2538:1954 Specification for air-cooled flameproof single-phase lighting transformer units supplied from high voltage systems
BS 2559-3:1973 Specification for screwdrivers. Insulated screwdrivers
BS 2562:1979 Specification for cable boxes for transformers and reactors
BS 2565:1972 Specification for drums for covered winding wires and strips for electrical purposes
BS 2572:1990 Specification for phenolic laminated sheet and epoxy cotton fabric laminated sheet
BS 2586:1979 Specification for glass and reference electrodes for the measurement of pH
BS 2618:1975 Specification for electric traction equipment
BS 2627:1970 Specification for wrought aluminium for electrical purposes. Wire
BS 2655-10:1972 Specification for lifts, escalators, passenger conveyors and paternosters. General requirements for guarding
BS 2692-2:1956 Fuses for voltages exceeding 1000 V a.c. Expulsion fuses
BS 2692-3:1990
IEC 60282-3:1976
Fuses for voltages exceeding 1000 V a.c. Guide to the determination of short circuit power factor
BS 2745-3:1993 Washer-disinfectors for medical purposes. Specification for washer-disinfectors except those used for processing human-waste containers and laundry
BS 2751:1990 Specification for general purpose acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber compounds
BS 2754:1976 Memorandum. Construction of electrical equipment for protection against electric shock
BS 2757:1986
IEC 60085:1984
Method for determining the thermal classification of electrical insulation
BS 2769-1:1984 Hand-held electric motor-operated tools. Specification for general requirements
BS 2769-2.12:1991 Hand-held electric motor-operated tools. Particular requirements. Specification for chain saws
BS 2769-2.14:1992 Hand-held electric motor-operated tools. Particular requirements. Specification for hedge trimmers and scissor-type grass shears
BS 2771-1:1986
EN 60204-1:1985
Electrical equipment of industrial machines. Specification for general requirements
BS 2782-2:
Method 241A:1984
Methods of testing plastics. Electrical properties. Determination of effect of polyvinyl chloride compound on the loss tangent of polyethylene
BS 2799:1974 Specification for power-driven tower cranes for building and engineering construction
BS 2816:1989 Method for specifying electroplated coatings of silver and silver alloys for engineering purposes
BS 2830:1994 Specification for suspended access equipment (suspended chairs, traditional steeplejack's seats, work cages, cradles and platforms) for use in the building, engineering construction, steeplejack and cleaning industries
BS 2844:1995
IEC 60212:1971
Standard conditions for use prior to and during the testing of solid electrical insulating materials
BS 2848:1973 Specification for flexible insulating sleeving for electrical purposes
BS 2881:1989 Specification for cupboards for the storage of medicines in health care premises
BS 2897:1970 Specification for wrought aluminium for electrical purposes. Strip with drawn or rolled edges
BS 2898:1970 Specification for wrought aluminium and aluminium alloys for electrical purposes. Bars, extruded round tube and sections
BS 2909:1957 Specification for cabinets for the electrical euthanasia of dogs

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