Outputs Available (watts) 450
Maximum Loading (kW) 900
Input Rating 1.7
Charge Acceptance 11.9
Height (mm) 706
Width (mm) 565
Depth (mm) 193
Weight (incl. bricks) (kg) 77
Packed Weight (kg) 19.5
INPUT CHARGE CONTROL: The setting of this control determines the amount of charge taken in by the heater, which in turn determines the temperature of the heater`s storage core.

ROOM TEMPERATURE BOOST: Dependant upon the amount of charge taken in by the heater, the Room Temperature Boost control allows the release of additional heat by means of a damper.

CONVECTOR: The CXL12 incorporates a convector ekement in the front of the heater which may be used independantly of the storage heater, for example, as `top-up` on cold days.

THMERMOSTAT: Hydraulic type thermostat with adjustable settings

Storage Core
High density bonded magnetite bricks

Front and rear: Microporous Silica
Top and ends: Resin-free mineral wool
Base: Calcium Silicate slab
Input Charge Controller

Thermal Cut Out
Bi-metal, manual reset

Number of Storage Bricks
8 (4 packs)

Damper Control (Boost)
Bi-metallic strip. Selection variable from early to late or zero boost.

Direct Acting Heater

Front and sides: Willow white
Rear and wall spacer: Birch grey

Cable Length
No cable fitted

IP Rating

Number of Elements: 2
Storage Elements: 850W Incoloy sheathed

Product Description
The CXL12 Combination Storage Heater has an inpuit rating of 1.7kW.

Key Features
Provides a continuous source of warmth, primarily from cheap off peak electricity.
Convector elements give completely silent top up heating.
Convector thermostat can be set to maintain constant room temperatures and automatically switch on as necessary.
Storage heater controls and components based on the market leading XL range includes reliable manual input control and room temperature boost to make optimum use of the heat stored.
Conveniently positioned convector controls on the front panel.
Lower convector loadings selectable by installer.
For stability and safety heater must be supported on the feet provided and securely fixed to a wall.

Standard Warranty
12 months

Supply Connection

Located at front right hand end of base -accessible by removal of front panel assembly. Hidden cable support straps at rear of heater allow neat supply cable connection from either side of heater.

Construction Details
Galvanised finish sheet steel base, mounted on steel feet, supporting double skin front and outer panels. One piece front panel/grille assembly and front inner skin remove for brick loading.

Assembly Information

Remove front panel assembly then front inner skin. Remove internal packing containing elements, position rear layer of bricks, heating elements and front layer of bricks.