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Maximum Loading (kW) 0.75kW
Thermostat Gas filled type. Accurate to 0.5 C. Range 5-35 C.
Height (mm) 420
Width (mm) 444
Depth (mm) 93
Packed Weight (kg) 4.25
ON/OFF SWITCH: Double pole rocker switch controls electricity supply to heater. A neon indicator illuminates when the switch is set to ON.

HALF HEAT SWITCH: Double pole rocker switch allowing the heater to be set to full or half load.

THERMOSTAT: Rotary control marked * (frost) 1-6. Each mark represents approximately 5 C.

Thermal Cut Out
Interrupt supply to reset.

Direct Acting Heater

Main body: Willow White
Grille: Birch Grey

IP Rating
IP24 rated

Number of Elements: 2
Element 1 Specification:
Finned, metal sheathed mineral type. There are two elements fitted to each model on flexible mountings to prevent expansion.
Product Description
The PLX075 Panel Convector Heater has a loading of 0.75kW.

Key Features
Convected heat for rapid warm up.
Suitable for domestic or commercial use.
High accuracy adjustable thermostat responds to very small changes in room temperature to virtually eliminate temperature drift.
Frost protection setting.
Front air outlet grille for efficient heat circulation.
Lockable dust cover protects controls.
Detachable hinged wall mounting frame for fast installation and easy cleaning.

Additional Information

Do not place material or garments on the heater, or obstruct the air circulation around the heater, for instance by curtains or furniture, as this could create a fire risk.

Standard Warranty
12 months

Supply Connection
Length of supply cable fitted to allow connection from either side. Suitable connection to the wiring of the premises and double pole switching must be provided adjacent to the appliance to comply with the IEE wiring regulations.

Construction Details
The electrical installation must be carried out by a competent electrician, and be in strict accordance with the current I.E.E regulations for Electrical Equipment in Buildings.The heater is fitted with a length of flexible cable type HO5VV-F size 3x10mm2 on models PLX075-200N, for connection to the fixed wiring of the premises through a suitable connection box positioned adjacent to the heater.

Assembly Information
Each heater has a detachable hinged wall mounting frame which eases and reduces time taken for installation, and enables the heater to be hinged forward for periodic cleaning. Heater secured to mounting frames for safety and security.

If the heater is installed in a room containing a bath or shower, it must be so installed that switches and other controls cannot be touched by a person using the bath or shower.