Input Rating 1.7
Charge Acceptance 11.9
Height (mm) 706
Width (mm) 565
Depth (mm) 146
Weight (incl. bricks) (kg) 76
Packed Weight (kg) 20
INPUT CHARGE CONTROL: Bi-metal adjustable from zero charge to fully charged condition. Cycling Rate: 21/2 to 3 cycles per hour.

ROOM TEMPERATURE BOOST: Bi-metal strip, selection variable from early to late or zero boost.

THERMAL SAFETY DEVICE: Bi-metal - manual reset.

Storage Core
High density bonded magnetite bricks

Front and rear: Microporous Silica
Top and ends: Resin-free mineral wool
Base: Calcium Silicate slab
Input Charge Controller

Thermal Cut Out
Bi-metal, manual reset

Number of Storage Bricks
8 (4 packs)

Damper Control (Boost)
Bi-metallic strip. Selection variable from early to late or zero boost.
Front and sides: Willow white
Rear and wall spacer: Birch grey

Cable Length
No cable fitted

IP Rating
IPX2 rated

Number of Elements: 2
Storage Elements: 850W Incoloy sheathed
Product Description
The XL12 Storage Heater has an input rating of 1.70kW. It`s new and improved regulator create increased comfort levels and running costs.

Key Features
The UK`s slimmest Storage Heater, less than 150mm (6" deep).
Smooth curved styling for added safety.
New improved charge regulator for 2001 gives increased comfort level & running economy.
A room temperature boost control releases additional heat later in the day by allowing a greater airflow through the heater core.
The room temperature boost may be operated manually or set to open automatically each day.
The control knobs are positioned on the sloping rear top panel of the heater and are out of sight of young children.
Frontal grille for efficient heat distribution.
The heater must be fixed securely to the wall for safety and efficiency of operation. The feet may be concealed beneath carpeting or stand on top of suitable floor coverings.
Simplified construction for ease of assembly.

Additional Information

Do no cover or obstruct the surfaces of the appliance.
Do not position under windows where curtains may contact the heater
Do not place objects in contact with the heater.

Standard Warranty
12 months

Supply Connection
The electrical installation must be carried out by a competent electrician and be in strict accordance with the current I.E.E. regulation for Electrical Equipment in Buildings.

Located at front right hand end of base -accessible by removal of front panel assembly. Hidden cable support straps at rear of heater allow neat supply cable connection from either side of heater.

Construction Details
Galvanised finish sheet steel base, mounted on steel feet, supporting double skin front and outer panels. One piece front panel/grille assembly and front inner skin remove for brick loading.

Before cleaning your heater, switch off and allow to cool down. Disconnect electrical supply to appliance. Use a damp cloth to clean the outside of the model.

Assembly Information

It is important that the fixing device chosen is appropriate to the wall material to which the heater is being fixed. Some modern internal building materials are very low-density block and require specialised fixing devices to provide a safe, secure installation.