Input Rating 0.85
Charge Acceptance 5.95
Height (mm) 700
Width (mm) 332
Depth (mm) 170
Weight (incl. bricks) (kg) 41
Packed Weight (kg) 11
INPUT CHARGE CONTROL: Bi-metal factoryt pre-set for fully charged condition upon installation

THERMAL SAFETY DEVICE: Bi-metal manual reset

Storage Core
High density bonded magnetite bricks

Front and rear: Microporous Silica
Top and ends: Resin-free mineral wool
Base: Calcium Silicate slab
Input Charge Controller

Number of Storage Bricks
4 (2 packs)

Front and sides: Willow white

Cable Length
No cable fitted

IP Rating
IPX2 rated

Number of Elements: 1
Storage Elements: 850W Incoloy sheathed

Product Description
The XL6 Mini Storage Heater has an input rating of 0.85kW.

Dimplex Mini Storage Heaters are extra compact versions of our popular The XL and The XLS Storage Heaters bringing the benefits of off peak heating to areas which were traditionally too small for storage heaters such as bathrooms, cloakrooms and ensuites.

Key Features
Available with Pre-Set Input Control this heater is designed specifically for use in wet areas such as bathrooms.
Input loading of just 850W.
Drip proof construction (IPX2 rated).
Optional accessories includeDimplex Towel Rails (STR6) and Shelving (SHE6) are available

Additional Information
Do not place objects in contact with the heater
Do not position under windows where curtains may contact the heater
Do no cover or obstruct the surfaces of the appliance
This appliance is very heavy and must be securely fixed to the wall. Do not under any circumstances attempt to move or reposition this heater without seeking expert advice
Storage bricks are packed separately in pairs. Approximate brick weight is 7.5kg each
Case assembly contains assembled heater in case and heating element. Packed in a single carton that weighs 11kg

Standard Warranty
12 months

Supply Connection
The electrical installation must be carried out by a competent electrician and be in strict accordance with the current I.E.E. regulation for Electrical Equipment in Buildings.

Located at front right hand end of base -accessible by removal of front panel assembly. Hidden cable support straps at rear of heater allow neat supply cable connection from either side of heater.

Construction Details
Galvanised finish sheet steel base, mounted on steel feet, supporting double skin front and outer panels. One piece front panel/grille assembly and front inner skin remove for brick loading.

Before cleaning your heater, switch off and allow to cool down. Disconnect electrical supply to appliance. Use a damp cloth to clean the outside of the model.

Assembly Information
Remove one piece grille/front panel assembly then front inner skin. Remove internal packing and element, position rear layer of bricks, heating element and then front layer of bricks.