TL SD100B, TL SD100C, TL SD100L, TL SD100S
Ionisation Smoke Alarms

1) The Smoke Alarm carries the BSI Kitemark to indicate type testing to BS5446: Pt.1: 2000. It will meet the requirements of Grade F systems as defined in BS5839: Pt.6: 1995. It carries the CE mark to indicate conformance to BS EN 50081-1: 1992 and BS EN 50082-1: 1992 Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives.

2) Dual ionisation chamber sensor, with corrosion resistant electrodes, and insect resistant cover.

3) Built in sounder giving a minimum sound output of 85dB(A) at 3m. Frequency is in the range 2200/2800Hz. The diameter of the piezo disc in the sounder measures 40mm, and has wire contacts soldered directly on to the piezo disc. The sounder includes a resonator or "trumpet" 30mm in length, which reaches to the lid of the outer casing in order to amplify the sound.

4) Test button to simulate the effect of smoke and tests sensor, electronics and horn.

5) Automatic Self-Test: Smoke chamber is tested every 40 seconds and unit bleeps if a fault is detected.

6) Automatic reset facility in that when smoke clears from the alarm sensor the unit will reset automatically.

7) Power on LED flashes every 40 seconds to confirm integrity of power supply. ( Not TL SD100B ).

8) Battery fitted with reliable snap fit connector, which prevents the battery being connected up the wrong way round. It also overcomes the problem of creepage.

9) Low battery warning signal, bleeps every minute for 30 days - when replacement battery is required.

10) Airspeed: No effect.

11) Ambient Temperature Range: 4°C to 40°C. Humidity Range: 0 to 90% relative humidity.

12) Dimensions: 140 x 120 x 46mm.

13) 5 Year Guarantee.

TL SD100C - Interconnect feature, if one alarm sounds all interconnected alarms will sound, up to 12 units may be interconnected. Wiring - can be linked with light twin core (cable 250m, 50ohms max.). LED under the test button flashes every second on the unit that initiated the alarm. (Interconnect models - TL SD100C only).

TL SD100L - Light unit, modern facetted reflector with lens, 54 lumens approx. bulbs ANSI 149 (6. 15V, 530mA, T-3 1/4 wedge base). Separate 9 volt alkaline battery supplied for light, lasts at least 1 year in standby and gives over 15 minutes bright light in alarm.

TL SD 100S - Silencer unit, Suppress alarm for 8 minutes. Automatically over-ridden in the event of a serious fire nearby.