IntroductionThe purpose of this document is to give guidance to approved contractors and suppliers who are engaged in the fire stopping of service penetrations in fire rated
structures using the Astro DL COVER. All service holes through floors and compartment walls must be fire stopped to prevent the passage of fire, smoke and hot gases

  • Prevent the spread of fire, smoke and hot gases through a building by containing it in the compartment of origin.
  • Maintain the integrity of escape routes from a building.
  • Reduce loss or damage to property from the effect of fire and smoke.
  • Maintain pressure differential between compartments and ventilation channels.

Downlighers in ceilings are widely used in commercial buildings. Each ceiling is subject to fire regulations and where applicable the ceiling construction needs to be fire rated. However, once a hole has been made in the ceiling for a downlighter, the integrity of the construction and its ability to perform in a fire can be reduced significantly.

To combat this the ASTRO DL Cover has been developed to cover maximum protection for holes created by the introduction of a downlighter and to allow for maximum ease of fitting.

In a fire situation the cover expands internally to fill all the available space with a highly insulating fire resistant char. Thus, the fire is unable to penetrate the hole and the cover is able to give additional insulation protection to the ceiling void to reduce the chance of heat build up and ignition of flammable materials such as accumulated dust and insulation

FH DC150 - 150 x 150 - To suit cutout 50 75 mm

FH DC200 - 200 x 200 - To suit cutout 75-100 mm

FH DC250 - 250 x 250 - To suit cutout 100-140mm

FH DC300 - 300 x 170 - To suit cutout 145 -270mm

FH DC350 - 350 X 230 - To suit cutout 145-270 mm


To install FH DC150 - FH DC200 - FH DC250 covers.

Step 1

Step One:

Grasp legs firmly and roll cover into a tight cylinder. Ensure wiring loom is through slot before installation.

 Step 2

Step Two:

Keeping a tight grip on the legs, feed the cover through the cut out made for the downlighter.

 Step 3

Step Three:

Ensure cover has sprung back into its original cone shape.

(a) Grasp legs and pull down until L section clears the underside of the ceiling.

(b) Move legs out until vertical part of L section normal.is flush with the side of the cut out.

 Step 4

Step Four:

Release legs so that they grip the underside of the tile.Remove the excess of both legs. Cut at point A.Once cover is in place, downlighter can be fitted as normal.

The completed installation.

Finished installation

To install FH DC300 or FH DC350 Covers.
Flatten the coverStep One:Flatten the cover

Fold the cover

Step Two:

Fold the cover into quarters by folding it in half once ....

Fold again..... and then folding it in half again.
Pass the folded cover through the apertureStep Three:Pass the folded cover through the aperture.
Cables may be pushed through the vent slots in the cover. Step Four:

Then fit the downlighter cover as per the manufactures's instructions - cables may be pushed through the vent slots in the cover.

Check and ensure that there is a distance of 20mm minimum between the downlighter cover and any insulation or acoustic filling in the void.

Remote gearboxes and transformers must be situated outside of the downlighter cover.

The completed installation.

A finished cover installation


Intumescent downlighter covers are manufactured in the EU, meeting the highest quality standard in compliance with ISO EN 9001:2000 .

Testing certification
Passed and certified at BRE to BS EN 1365-2 :200
Test report no. CC 203791A.
Passed and certified at Chiltern International Fire to BS 476 Part 22 1987.
Test report no. CHILT/A02166B
Passed and certified at Chiltern International Fire to BS 476 Part 23 1987.
Test report no. FEA/F00063

Storage and disposal
Astro DL Covers should be stored indoors. No shelf life is given as this product will not deteriorate in storeage.


As part of our policy of ongoing improvements, we reserve the right to modify, alter or change product specifications without giving notice. Product illustrations are representations only. All information contained in this document is provided for guidance only, and as TLC has no control over the installation methods of the products, or of the prevailing site conditions, no warranties expressed or implied are intended to be given as to the actual performance of the products mentioned or referred to, and no liability whatsoever will be accepted for any loss, damage or injury arising from the use of the information given of products mentioned or referred to herein.