Instructions for Model No. s D260 & D261

Please note: positioning the Bell Push on or near metal structures or
reinforced PVCµ doors or door frames may reduce the transmission range.

Mount the Bell Push using the adhesive pad. Alternatively open the front
cover using a flathead screwdriver (Diagram 1) and mount using the screws
provided (See Diagram 2), ensuring that the rubber grommets (D in Diagram 2)
remain in place .
To maintain weather proofing always mount the Bell Push in the upright
position shown in Diagram 2.
Confidence Light (A on Diagram 1) will illuminate when the Bell Push is
pressed. If light (A) does not illuminate, the CR2032 Lithium Coin Cell battery
needs replacing, see Diagram 3.

Tune Selection

Your Bell Push can make the Door Chime play either a 2 note or an additional
note sequence. (The number of additional note sequences will vary depending
on the model of Libra Door Chime you have). The Tune Select (B in Diagram 4)
will be factory set to position 1, making the chime play the 2 note sequence.
If you require the additional note sequence move the Tune Select to position 2.
Please note: The above note sequences are not available when using the
Libra Mini Chime, Model D292.

Friedland Libra products use a coding system to ensure that they work together
and that there is no interference to or from a neighbouring Friedland wirefree
product. The system code in all Libra products is set using a series of 8 switches
(C in Diagram 4). For your new Libra Push to work with other Libra products,
you will need to ensure that the system codes are the same by following this
1. Check switches 1 to 8 in your other Libra products.
2. Check the switches (C in Diagram 4) in your new Bell Push.
3. If switches 1 to 8 are not in the same position change the switches in
your new Bell Push to match those in your existing products using a pen
tip, Diagram 4.
Example: if you set switch 1 in your Bell Push to the ON position, then you
must set switch 1 in your Door Chime to the ON position.
If you experience interference from a neighbour's Friedland product, change
the system codes in all your products as above.
Caradon Friedland guarantees this product for 3 years from date of purchase.
This does not affect your statutory rights.

If you require further information about Libra products, call the Friedland
helpline on 0161 432 0277 ext 888.