Libra Wirefree Bell Push & 200m Chime with Light

Instructions for Model No. D346

Pack Contents
Bell Push
Door Chime
Door Chime wall hanging bracket (incl screws and wall plugs for mounting)
Adhesive pad and screws for mounting the Bell Push
You will need 2 x LR14 (C) alkaline batteries for the Door Chime. We recommend that only long-life alkaline batteries are used. This product will not work with NiCd rechargeable batteries.
A small flathead screwdriver
A Philips crosshead screwdriver

Please note: positioning the Bell Push or Door Chime on or near metal structures or reinforced PVCµ doors or door frames may reduce the transmission range.

Bell Push
You can attach the Bell Push directly on to your door frame using the adhesive pad making sure the surface on which it is to be placed is clean and dry. Alternatively open the front cover using a flathead screwdriver (Diagram 1) and mount using the screws provided (See Diagram 2), ensuring that the rubber grommets (J in Diagram 2) remain in place.

To ensure weather proofing is maintained, always mount the Bell Push in the upright position shown in Diagram 2 and replace the front cover securely. When the Bell Push button is pressed, the Confidence Light (A on Diagram 1) will illuminate to reassure the caller that the Bell Push is working. When it does not illuminate the battery needs replacing. Use a CR2032 Lithium Coin Cell battery, inserting it as shown in Diagram 3.

Remove the battery compartment cover and insert the two LR14(C) alkaline batteries as shown in Diagram 4.
When these batteries need replacing, the Low Battery Warning Light (B in Diagram 5) will flash every 5 seconds.
The Door Chime can be free standing or wall mounted using the wall bracket provided.
If wall mounting is preferred, screw the bracket to the wall, Diagram 6.
The Door Chime hooks onto the wall bracket as illustrated.
There is an external adapter socket (C in Diagram 5) which allows you to power the Door Chime receiver from a 220-240V mains socket using the Friedland Libra plug-in mains adapter which can be purchased separately (D254).

Tune Selection

Your Bell Push can be set up to make the Door Chime play a choice of note sequences as follows:
a. A standard 2 note sequence or
b. A longer 4 note sequence or
c. One of three alternative 2 note sequences which offer a choice of sound tone and are particularly suited to the hard of hearing.

The Tune Selector in the Bell Push (D in Diagram 7) is factory set to position 1 making the Door Chime play the standard 2 note sequence. If you would prefer the 4 note sequence just move Tune Selector to position 2. If you require one of the alternative 2 note sequences to be played this can be easily done as follows:

1. Ensure that the Tune Select Control (D in Diagram 7) on the Bell Push is set to position 2.
2. Set Control E in Diagram 8 on the Door Chime to position 1.
3. Each time you press the Bell Push, the door chime will play the 4 note sequence
and the three alternative 2 note sequences in rotation. Continue to press the Bell Push until you hear the note sequence you require.
4. Set Control E in Diagram 8 to position 2 to lock the Door Chime into playing your chosen note sequence. In the case of battery failure, the alternative tone two note sequences will default to the 4 note setting. These can be reset using the procedure above.
Your can change the note sequence at any time by using the procedure above.

Volume Control
The Volume Control (F in Diagram 5) enables you to adjust the volume of your
Door Chime at any time or turn it off completely so that only the light (G) flashes
when the Bell Push is pressed. The settings are:
2. High volume with flashing light
1. Low volume with flashing light
0. Mute sound with flashing light

 Awaiting diagrams

Your Libra Wirefree Bell Push and Door Chime use a coding system to ensure
there is no interference to or from a neighbouring Friedland wirefree product.
Your Bell Push and Door Chime need to have identical codes so that they can
recognise each other. In the unlikely event that your Door Chime rings without your
Bell Push being used, it means another Friedland wirefree product, either your own
or a neighbour's, is using the same code as your own. You can then change your
code by following this procedure:-
1. Remove the front cover from the Bell Push. Using a pen tip alter one or more of
the 8 switches (C in Diagram 6) to the ON position.
2. Remove the battery compartment from the Door Chime. Again using a pen tip alter
the switches 1 to 8 (D in Diagram 8) to correspond exactly to the switches you have
set in the ON position in the Bell Push.

Example: if you set switch 1 in your Bell Push to the ON position, then you must
set switch 1 in your Door Chime to the ON position.
In the unlikely event that your Door Chime rings without your Bell Push being used,
it means another Friedland wirefree product, either your own or a neighbour's, is
using the same system code as your own. You should change the system code in all
your products in the same way as described above.

Movement Activated Door Chimes
Friedland Libra chimes can also be activated by a Friedland Spectra 433MHz PIR Movement Detector/ Transmitter. All you have to do is make sure that the PIR and Door Chime have the same system code.

Other Libra Products
All Friedland Libra products are compatible and will activate each other if the system codes are set to be the same, as described above. For example, if you
install an additional Libra Bell Push for your back door, just ensure that you adjust the system code to be the same as your other Bell Push and your Door Chime.

Caradon Friedland guarantees this product for 3 years from the of purchase.
This does not effect your statuory rights
If you require further information about Libra products,
call the Friedland helpline on 0161 432 0277 ext 888.

Problem Possible Cause Solution
Chime not
Batteries may not be inserted
Check all batteries have been
inserted correctly
 Chime may be positioned out
of range of the Extender
Move your Chime closer to the
 A metallic object may be
blocking the signal from the
Experiment with the location of your
Chime to see if you can position it in
a more suitable place
 The battery in the Extender
may need replacing
Press the Bell Push. If Confidence
Light (D) Diagram 1 does not
illuminate, replace the Extender battery
 Your Extender and Chime may
have different system codes
Check the system codes in both your
Chime and Extender
 Your volume control may be
set to the mute setting
Set volume control to position 1 or 2

The Extender may not be
wired correctly
Press the Bell Push. If Confidence Light
(D Diagram 1),does not illuminate,
check the extender wiring. If you are
extending an existing datebattery powered
Chime, swap the two wires over at the
transmitter terminals
of the Chime
Another of your own or a
neighbour's wirefree product
may be using the same code
Change the system codes in both your
Extender and Chime