The Ocelot range of superior High Visibility safety t-shirts provide the ultimate in combining comfort, performance and safety features to make this range of t-shirts the chosen product for industrial requirements.

These T-shirts have certification to ANSI/ISEA 107-1999 requirements and provide a solution for all risk assessment categories in both class 2 and class 3.

Hand properties: This Ocelot t-shirt range is specially manufactured for industrial use in hot conditions using a specially developed 100% polyester fibre knitted to 195gm/sq metre creating a smooth fabric surface area giving the finished garment a slick, comfortable, cool and lightweight feel. This reduces layer of the air insulation thus feeling cool to the skin.

Because the garment is manufactured using 100% polyester with low water vapour transmission it has undergone a special wicking process. This creates a high air permeability researched and developed by our own engineers termed "The whisk-it 613. Its environmentally friendly chemical formula is specially engineered to open up the usually sealed polyester fibres that allows the perspiration to evaporate away from the body. It soaks up the moisture your body releases, transfers it to the external surface of the fabric and releases it into the atmosphere. Your body can breathe and be protected from the Sun under the toughest and hottest of working conditions.

The Garment: As High Visibility garments are our field This Ocelot t-shirt range has not only followed all ANSI/ISEA 107-1999 specifications but has gone that one step further to solve certain safety, ergonomics and convenience design requirements. Folding and buckling of the fabric at the extreme points of the chest is common to loose fitting t-shirts, therefore the
3M-Scotchlite retro reflective strips have been positioned close in to the centre of the body in order to achieve the optimum surface visibility and not to loose any part of this important safety feature. The 3M retro reflective tape is continued without a break over a left breast pocket and to avoid any irritation the tape has been removed from the under side of the pocket.

The polyester fibres give the t-shirt the added benefit of having natural anti-wrinkle properties, and also give better dirt release characteristics during washing.