Compact and stylish, the CentaurStat is a truly user friendly electronic programmable thermostat controlling ambient temperature in any centrally heated area. The CentaurStat increases comfort but reduces energy use.
This product boasts four different target temperatures each day, with switch times measured in ten-minute increments.
For combi-boilers, the CentaurStat replaces the conventional central heating timeswitch, as well as the room thermostat. For fully pumped-systems, the CentaurStat replaces the room thermostat, with the existing programmer controlling the hot water and its central heating programme set to on constant.

Can be used by leaving the existing programmer in place to time the hot water.

Provides zone control over extra heating zones and control of solid fuel heating systems.

The latest microprocessor technology provides a very close switching differential of 0.5 C, while ensuring that boiler cycling is kept to a minimum.

Standard, built-in programmes allow start times and temperature levels to be easily set by the user to suit individual lifestyles.

Once programmed, only plus and minus buttons are needed to adjust the temperature.


At a glance:
Battery power (via 3 standard AA type batteries) means no extra wiring when replacing a conventional room thermostat
0.5°C close switching differential, with boiler cycling kept to
a minimum
Temperature range adjustable between 6°C and 30°C
'Target' temperature can be
set to 'off'
Choice of simple 24 hour unit, or 7 day version offering any workday/restday settings
Battery life is between two
and three years, with indicator warning when batteries need replacing
Quick, easy and safe
battery changing
which will not affect
the programme


Contact rating 8(3) A 230V AC
Contact type Micro-disconnection changeover
Supply 3 x AA size alkaline primary cells
Operating temperature range 0ºC to +40ºC
Battery life In excess of 2 years
Double insulated Yes
Enclosure protection IP30
Moisture protection Normal situations
Temperature levels CentaurStat 1: 4 per 24 hours
CentaurStat 7: 4 for workdays and 4 for restdays
Temperature setting range 6ºC to 30ºC or 'OFF'
Temperature differential <0.5ºC
(hysteresis) at 4ºC per hour
Temperature measurement Conventional wet central heating systems: 19.75ºC - 20.75ºC
accuracy at 20ºC Electric heating up to 8 A. 19.5ºC - 21.5ºC
Display Target temperature indication, 12 hour AM/PM clock
CentaurStat 7: Day of week indication
Switch time adjustment 10 minute steps
Override Temporary temperature override until next preset period. Temperature lock: permanent
temperature override until reset.
Mounting Directly to a wall or into a single or double gang steel flush wiring box to BS4662
by means of a patress.
Dimensions Width 142mm. Height 71mm Depth 30mm

CentaurStat 1
24 hour programme repeats every day.

CentaurStat 7
Programmable with two blocks of settings - 'workday' and 'restday'. Either of these settings can be allocated to any day of the week.