Horstmann's Economy 7 Quartz is the all-time best-seller in water heating controls.
A proven, reliable and accurate unit, the Economy 7 Quartz is easy to install and set, providing a tankful of cheap hot water to start each day.

Double-pole switch permits the safe working on the immersion heater, leaving the clock running

24 hour timer incorporates a changeover switch mechanism which, on a dual or twin immersion heater installation, ensures that only one element operates at any time

Suitable for use with single, dual or twin element immersion heaters

At a glance:
Quartz controlled to ten minutes a year
Indicator lights show whether on-peak or off-peak power is being used
Rechargeable battery keeps time during power interruptions
Summer and winter time settings instantly visible
Up to 60 or 120 minutes boost means extra hot water at any time
Large terminals and
back box
Easy wiring harness and simple installation
Designed with both installer and user in mind

Contact rating 13A 230V a.c. Suitable for immersion heaters up to 3 kW
Contact type Micro-disconnection control
Disconnection to immersion heater(s) on double-pole rocker switches
Supply 230V a.c. 50 Hz
Enclosure protection IP 30
Live parts Enclosed
Dirt protection Normal situations
Shock protection Class 1
Moisture protection Ordinary
Operating temperature range 0ºC - 35ºC
Battery reserve 150 hours
Programme settings
- Off peak
- Boost
Adjustable between 41/2 and 7 hours
Economy 7 Quartz: 0-60 mins
Dimensions 170mm wide x 115mm high x 56mm deep (excluding knobs)
BEAB approved -



Wiring Diagram - Twin immersion Heater


Wiring Diagram - Dual immersion Heater


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