Timed to Perfection...
Horstmann's ChannelPlus XL range is the
latest in advanced domestic heating programmers.
Simple to install and easy to operate, the ChannelPlus XL range provides single, two or three channel flexibility.
Included in the range is the H37XL, the first programmer to offer three independently timed channels: Hot water plus two heating zones.
The unrivalled reliability of this product is backed by a 5 Year Guarantee.

At a glance:
5 Year Guarantee
Up to 3 ON/OFF
periods per channel in
each 24 hour operation
Mains powered with battery back up
Unique 3 channel programming
On 7 day models,
different settings for each day of the week
3 Amp changeover contacts
Two channel and single channel versions
One touch programme copying from day to day
Two channel and
single channel versions are voltage free
24 hour or 7 day programming
Holiday programme suspends programme for up to 30 days
1 or 2 hour boost and advance on each channel
Large, easy to follow
LCD displays, give clear programme information
Uses same backplate as
Horstmann's 425 and
5 Series programmers and can
plug in as a direct replacement on
most models

Contact rating 3 (1) Amps 230V AC
Contact type Micro-disconnection changeover
Voltage free H27XL, H27ZXL, H21XL, H17XL and H11XL only
Supply 230V AC 50Hz only
Operating temperature range 0ºC to +55ºC
Battery life 10 months continuous operation (minimum)
Case material Thermoplastic, flame retardent
Dimensions 101mm x 163mm x 33mm
Display Liquid crystal. Day of week indication (H37XL, H27XL, H27ZXL, H17XL only)
Clock 12 hour AM/PM
Displayed time adjustments 1 minute steps
Switched time adjustments 10 minute steps
Programme selection Auto, On all day, Constant, OFF
Operating periods per day Three for each channel
Override 1 or 2 hour boost, 1 or 2 hour extension
to ON period Instant advance
Mounting 9 pin wall fixing plate.


Wiring Diagram - H21XL & H27XL



Wiring Diagram - H37XL


H37 - Wiring System Diagram - Click Here

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