Locating your HOUSESAFE Smoke Alarm
For the maximum in safety protection we strongly recommend installation in every room (except bathrooms and kitchens).

Research indicates substantial increases in warning time can be achieved with additional detectors.

The minimum level of protection is one per floor ensuring one outside each sleeping area. A single smoke alarm will give some protection if it is correctly installed, but most homes will require two or more to ensure that a reliable early warning is given.

It is important to ensure that the alarm is in a location loud enough to awaken people sleeping in their bedrooms. Ideally position the unit between sleeping areas and the most likely source of fire (living room for example).

Check by sounding the alarm in its intended location to ensure you are able to hear it in each bedroom with the door closed. If you cannot hear it over a radio (set at a reasonably loud level) the chances are it would not waken a sleeping person. If a location cannot be found to alert all sleeping areas it is advisable to link to other HOUSESAFE alarms.

For maximum protection you should install the alarm in all rooms where fire is a risk and where people sleep.

Important: This smoke alarm is designed for individual household units or small offices and not for multi occupancy blocks, commercial or industrial use.

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