Locations to avoid

Do not install your HOUSESAFE in the following areas:-

Bathrooms, kitchens, shower rooms, garages.
Any areas where the alarm may be triggered by local conditions i.e. Condensation or steam in a bathroom, smoke from cooking appliances and vehicle fumes in garages.
Locations of temperature extremes.
Areas where normal temperature can be below 4 deg°C {39 deg°F) or exceed 40 deg°C
(104 deg°F) i.e. attics, furnace/boiler rooms.
Near any decorative objects which, may prevent smoke from entering the unit.
On surfaces that are normally warmer or colder than the rest of the room.
Temperature differences might stop smoke from reaching the unit.
Next to air vents, air conditioning, heaters, windows etc.
The direction of airflow may change resulting in the smoke being driven away from the unit.


Dusty or dirty areas. Dust can build up in the sensing chamber and impair performance or it may block the vents into the sensing chamber preventing smoke from entering the unit.
Insect infested areas. Small insects entering the sensing chamber can cause intermittent alarms.
Awkward areas where it may be difficult to reach the unit for maintaining and testing the unit.

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