Nuisance Alarms
If when the alarm goes off, there is no sign of smoke, heat or noise to indicate that there is a fire, you should evacuate your family to a safe place before you start investigating.
Check the house carefully in case there is a small smouldering fire somewhere.
Check whether there is some source of smoke or fumes i.e. paint fumes or cooking fumes.
Alarm can be readily silenced by fanning unit with newspaper or something similar.
If there are frequent nuisance/false alarms caused by cooking it will be necessary to locate unit away from source of fumes.
Fault Finding
If fault appears, (indicated by the room light being illuminated) or the unit fails the test, repeat steps as per "Commissioning" and as for "Testing".
If the room light stays on (i.e. will not turn off at switch) this means the internal mains power supply has failed.
The Smoke Detector in the unit will operate on backup supply but when backup is almost depleted the unit will beep for at least 72 hrs.
Both safeguards will be a constant reminder to the problem.
Isolate mains supply.
Depress locking button and rotate 90 deg. anti-clockwise to remove.

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