General information

The sensing chamber is designed to detect smoke ( not heat or flames )

Once smoke has been detected the internal siren will activate and illuminate the room light attached to the pendant.

If the communications facility has been connected to other units, all the alarms will sound together and also illuminate the light attached to the pendant in all the respective rooms.

This will act as an early warning signal and will illuminate your home to enable you and your family to escape in the event of a FIRE.

No floor boards to lift. No decoration disturbance. Retro fit design (some disruption may be required for communication facility).

Replaces an existing ceiling rose, therefore it is inconspicuous and aesthetically pleasing.

No batteries required, maintenance free, fully sealed, tamper proof unit.

Power protection failure -it still works if mains power is unavailable via a rechargeable back up supply. Power supply monitoring system to ensure 100% effectiveness.

Test the unit at regular intervals (see Testing and Maintenance).

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