Multi storey dwellings

For the minimum level of protection in a multi-storey dwelling smoke alarms should be installed on the ground floor near the stairs and on the upstairs landing. This will enable fire detection of living rooms, kitchen and bedrooms.
(Interconnect for greater protection).

Ideally locate alarms on each storey every
7 metres on escape routes and within
2.5 metres of all bedroom doors.

For maximum protection smoke alarms should be installed in ALL ROOMS (except bathrooms and kitchens). The living room and kitchen are the most likely place for fires at night, however if the bedrooms use electrical appliances (electric blankets, heaters etc.) or where the occupant is a smoker, these areas are also at risk of fire.
With both types of dwelling and both levels of protection interconnect all alarms.
Special consideration should be made for elderly/sick persons and very young children
who are not able to respond quickly in an emergency. The special features of HOUSESAFE installed throughout your home will give you peace of mind and extra help with your
escape in times of emergency. It is advisable to interconnect all HOUSESAFE smoke alarms.

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