Inverters 12v dc to 240v ac

Battery type
For most applications of the 2500W INVERTER, we recommend that you use one or more deep-cycle batteries that are separated from the starting battery in your vehicle by a battery isolator. A battery isolator is a solid-state electronic circuit which allows equipment to be operated from an auxiliary battery without danger of discharging the vehicle's starting battery. During vehicle operation, the battery isolator automatically directs the charge from the alternator to the battery requiring the charge.

Figure 5. Recommended Battery Configuration for medium-duty Applications


Battery isolators can be obtained at marine and RV dealers and most auto parts stores.
If your application involves relatively low power loads (i.e. power consumption of 300 watts or less) and relatively short operating times before recharging (one hour or less ), you may connect 2500W INVERTER directly to the vehicle starting battery.

Figure 6. 2500w INVERTER Connected directly to engine battery for light duty applications