Dimpull Safety and Installation instructions

When turned on the product will always attain full brightness.
To turn on: Pull cord downwards once and release.
To turn off at any time: Pull cord downwards and release.
To dim lighting: Pull cord downwards and hold until required light level is achieved, then release.
To adjust lighting level
when already on: Pull cord downwards and hold until required adjusted level is achieved.

NOTE: The product is of robust construction, but damage could result if excessive strain is placed on the Pull Cord.

Safety Instructions
3. DO NOT exceed the current rating of the product (3A)
4. Ensure the product is screwed firmly to the fixing surface to which it is to be permanently attached

General Information:-
The product is double insulated and does not require an earth, however to meet certain wiring regulations and for convenience, an earth terminal is provided in the base
The operating voltage range of the product is 220-240volts
The maximum current capacity of the product is 250watts with a Minmum 50watts.
The product is NOT suitable for use where Bathroom fans are installed.
Two Knock-outs are provided in the base to allow cable access to the terminal block.
Two screw holes are provided for securing the product to a solid fixing
This product is not suitable for fluorescent loads

Unscrew the plastic cover by turning anti clockwise and remove the two screws holding the terminal cover in place.
The LOAD cable is connected to the lamp, and should be attached to the terminal marked 'L -OUT' The SUPPLY cable should be fitted to the terminal marked L - IN
The EARTH cable, (Where provided or required) from both the supply (SUPPLY) and the fitting (LOAD) should be connected to the terminal in the base of the product, and sleeved
EARTH CABLES must not be connected to any other terminals on the product.
Upon completion of the above, the product should be fixed to its normal location and the cover replaced by screwing clockwise and gently tightening.

The product will operate in conjunction with GOOD QUALITY low voltage transformers.
The maximum load capacity of the Dimpull at 12 volts is 175W. The minimum Load is 50W
The maximum and minimum load of both the Dimpull and the Transformer being used should be strictly observed.
Where a Low Voltage Transformer is used the LOAD cable should be connected to the SUPPLY - IN terminal of the Transformer.
Cable(s) from the 'LOAD - OUT' terminal of the Transformer are then connected to the light fittings.
All other instructions set out above should also be observed.
PLEASE NOTE: The use of inferior quality transformers will cause the low voltage lamp(s) to 'Pulse' giving unsatisfactory results.

Where applicable this product complies with EMV & LVD Directive EN55015
Intellectual Property, Trade Marks and Design Rights remain the property of the originators of the Dimpull™ product, and will be subject to legal action against those who infringe them.
No Responsibility can be accepted for the compatibility of this equipment with that of other manufacturers products but this in no way affects statutory rights.
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