HOUSESAFE -a new and unique product comprising of an advanced ionisation type smoke detector and emergency light together with a signalling unit combined into a domestic ceiling rose.
Activates room lights: upon detection of smoke
in the event of an intruder (optional)
Emergency room light: operational upon mains power failure
To provide an illuminated escape route, keeping you and your family safe
"Never be in the dark again"
Upon failure of your mains electricity supply either by power cut or fire, the emergency light incorporated in the unit will illuminate an average 3 metre square room for a period up to
2 hours, allowing safe convenient movement around your home.
Dusk dawn feature prevents activation of the emergency light when power failures occur during daylight hours. The unit will stay in standby mode until power supply is resumed or when darkness falls, it will then activate your emergency lighting.
Observe correct installation locations given in these instructions.
This alarm will not Drevent fire and is not a substitute for insurance.