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Step down Transformer USA to UK

The perennial problem for using USA equipment in the UK/Europe or
UK/European equipment in North America is the different voltage
used on both continents(USA=110/120V,Europe=220/240V)

Our modern range of Step Up/Step Down Transformers allow the
general traveller,tourist or businessman to re_allocate or use
their equipment in the chosen destination.

Designed using toroidal windings*,there is virtually no magnetic
field and a much higher efficiency when compared to the
traditional laminated types of transformer.




1) - Enter the voltage on the appliance label

2) - Enter the Amps, Watts, Kw or horsepower shown on the appliance label


Current amps.
Power Value watts / VA.
  3) Use the Power Value to select you transformer


The suffix "VA" can in most instances be considered to be Watts*
(* ignoring the effect of Phase angle, power factor and frequency)
i.e. 200W = 200VA

Step down Transformer USA to UK
Type Autotransformer
Winding Toroidal
Input 220/240V A.C. 50/60 Hz
Ouput 110/120V AC 50/60 Hz
Protection Output fuse,input fuse.
Mains lead 1.4 Metre long (Approx)
Plug type UK 13 Amp 3 pin
Socket type Accepts 2 or 3 pin USA type plug

Model Number
Number of sockets
100 VA or Watts
300 VA or Watts

When selecting an Autotransformer for use, it is essential that a suitable model is recommended to the Customer, and that they are made aware of the instruction leaflet supplied or packaging notes.

If an inadequately rated device is used, the transformer will cut out periodically or repeatedly blow fuses.
In all cases it is important that the Transformer is rated ABOVE the appliance with which it is to be used.

(1) - This reference materiel is given on the understanding that any legal responsibility or liability for the accuracy or otherwise of any statement herein is hereby excluded in respect of the Author of the material,the Publishers of the material and the recipient of it.

(2) - Twin socket Transformers
The total load of both appliances plugged into a twin socket transformer must not exceed the rating shown on the label / catalogue.

Listed below are typical ratings: of 110 /120 volt USA appliances
(check individual rating labels or instructions wherever possible)

Electric razors [0.05A x 120V = 6VA] Use 30VA Transformer.
Radios [0.1 A x 120V = 12VA] Use 30VA Transformer.
C.D. Players [0.15A x 120V = 18VA] Use 30VA Transformer.
Christmas tree lights [0.2 A x 120V = 24VA] Use 30VA Transformer.
Games console [0.35A x 120V = 42VA] Use 50VA Transformer.
Nebulisers [0.8A x 120V = 96VA] Use 100VA Transformer.
Televisions. [Varies - see Rating panel] Typically 50 - 300VA
Hi-Fi [Varies - see Rating panel] Typically 100 - 300VA
Curling tongs [1.6 A x 120V = 192VA] Use 200VA Transformer.
Computers [1.66A x 120V = 199VA] Use 300VA Transformer.
Travel irons [4.16A x 120V = 499VA] Use 500VA Transformer
Electric kettles [8.4A x 120V = 1010VA] Use 1.5KVA Transformer
Hairdryers [14A x 120V = 1680VA] Use 2KVA Transformer
The above figures are only an indication of typical power requirements