Product Number(s):
95:020:111 - Handy 3 - 3.1kW
95:020:112 - Handy 7 - 7.2kW

BEAB approved.
Manufactured in the UK in a
BS EN ISO 9002 registered factory.

Outer Casing:
White moulded HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) plastic cover.

HANDY 3: 3.1kW @ 240V
HANDY 3: 2.8kW @ 230V
HANDY 7: 7.2kW @ 240V
HANDY 7: 6.6kW @ 230V

Safety Features:
Resettable thermal cut-out set at 52°C for over heat protection. Non resettable second stage cut-out set at 92°C. Pressure relief device in the base of the container to prevent high-pressure build-up. Temperature
stabiliser maintains consistent outlet temperature under variable water pressure conditions.

Water Container:


Installation Details

Special requirements of the IEE wiring regulations should be observed when installed in bathrooms. Units must be permanently connected to the electrical supply through a double-pole linked isolating switch. The 3.1kW Handy can be
supplied from a ring final circuit via a fused spur with a double pole linked isolating switch with a 13A minimum breaking capacity. Cable:- 1.5 - 2.5mm. The 7.2kW Handy requires a dedicated circuit and switch rated at 30A minimum. Cable:- 6.0mm

Base assembly is secured to wall by two fixing screws, followed by electrical and plumbing connections. The spout and front cover are then attached. Two
screws secure the front cover.

15mm female push fit at the base of the unit for bottom or rear (concealed) entry. Incoming feed pressure should be between 0.1Mpa (1 bar-14.5psi) and 0.7Mpa (7 bar-100psi).

Dimension diagrams pdf 6kb - Click Here