Steinel HalogenSensorLights -
showing everything in the right light

HS 500W
When it comes to making a particular spectacle of anything approaching, HalogenSensorLights from STEINEL are the ideal solution. The watchful floodlights are factory-fitted with halogen lamps of differing ratings.This means they not only illuminate special features to their best advantage, the also startle and frighten off unwanted guests.
Virtually all motion detectors operate on the principle of passive infrared technology. They measure and compare the infrared radiation within a detection zone. They are passive, emitting no radiation themselves. Measuring and comparing takes place electronically. Objects, such as ovens, radiators or solid bodies will not switch on light.
Assuming they are installed at a height of 2 m, the HS 150 and HS 300 have maximum sensor ranges of 12 m. The microprocessor control system featured in the HS 500 achieves a max. range of even 20 m.

Clipped on with ease, shrouds can also be used to limit the area the detector covers and thus shorten its reach to suit individual requirements. This prevents any unwanted detection of passing cars for example

The twin-sensor system featured in STEINEL motion detectors giving them a detection angle of 240. Precision targeting can be achieved by turning the sensor housing.
HalogenSensorLights are provided with even more flexibility by the possibility of adjusting the time setting from 10 sec. to 15 min., i.e. the time the light stays on for, and the light threshold from 2 to 2000 lux.