Steinel Infrared sensor - ST IS180

This is technology at its best. Electronics of the finest quality, all concealed behind the elegant housing of the IS 180-2 STEINEL sensor. The twin sensor gives the intelligent light switch an uninterrupted detection zone covering 180 horizontally and 90 vertically. The multi-lens is divided up unto two sections:
One half focuses on the close-up range (5 m), the other half is optimised to the range up to 12 m.

Simply turning the lens switches between the two detection zones.

IS 180-2,
stainless steel effect, black and white

180 angle of coverage

Convenient function

2 basic reach settings

Twilight, time setting

Coverage angle reduction
Technical specifications for IS 180-2
(h x w x d)
120 x 76 x 56 mm
Output:1000 W max. (resistive load, e.g. filament bulb)
500 W max. (uncorrected, inductive, cos f = 0.5, e.g. fluorescent lamps)
600 W max. (electronic ballasts, capacitive, e.g. low-energy lamps, 5 each max.)
Mains power supply:230 - 240 V, 50 Hz
Angle of coverage:180 with 90 opening angle
Reach:2 basic settings:
12 m or 5 m
Twilight setting:2 - 2000 lux
Time setting:10 sec. - 15 min.
Enclosure:44 IP

  Including corner wall mount for inside and outside corners