Steinel Infrared sensor ST 300

The microprocessor-controlled infrared sensor IS 300 from STEINEL is a setter of new standards in the field of infrared sensor technology. The extremely large angle of coverage, electronic reach stabilisation, comprehensive configuration capabilities and the intelligent, attractive enclosure concept are the distinguishing features of this infrared sensor. Three integrated pyro detectors sense any movement in a radius of 300. This means the ST 300 can even see around corners (of buildings). The vertical opening angle is 180. The sensor head can be swivelled through 80 for precision targeting.

ST 300 black

3 pyro sensors register the infrared heat radiated from the human body


Specific areas can be excluded from detection by clipping on shrouds that are supplied with the sensor. The electronic reach stabilisation feature ensures that the ST 300 operates perfectly when temperature fluctuates and the range of 12 m is achieved irrespective of the weather. The switching capacity of this hi-tech sensor is matched to the large detection zone: the IS 300 can cope with up to 2000 watts without any difficulty. This means it is also easily possible to automate large lighting systems comprising several lights. Using easily accessible setting controls, light threshold and 'on' time can be varied across a wide range to meet individual needs.

ST 300 white

Technical specifications for ST 300
(h x w x d)
60 x 90 x 100 mm
Output:2000 W max
(resistive load, e.g. filament bulb)

1000 W max.
(uncorrected, inductive, cos f = 0.5, e.g. fluorescent lamps)

1800 W max. (series corrected)

500 W max. (parallel corrected
at c = 45.6 F)

1000 W max.
(electronic ballasts, capacitive, e.g. low-energy lamps, 12 each max.)
Mains voltage:230 - 240 V, 50 Hz
Angle of coverage:300 with 180 opening angle
Swivelling range:Precision adjustment 80
Reach:12 m max. (electrically stabilised)
Twilight setting:2 - 2000 lux
Time setting:10 sec. - 15 min.
Enclosure:IP 44