Warning: The safety of this heater is guaranteed only by its correct usage in accordance with these instructions, so we recommend they are kept in a safe place for future reference. Disconnect mains during lamp replacement and/or installation.




¤ The torque of the bracket fastening screws must be at least of 8 Nm.
¤ Minimum mounting height must be 2.5m.
¤ Line voltage 230V - 50Hz
¤ Insulation Class I
¤ Quartz lamp power: 1300W 230W
¤ IP54 Rated
¤ Lamp Unit Dimensions: W=370mm, H=210mm, D=160mm

Installation Instructions:
Check the safety distance between the heater body and inflammable surface when wall mounted. If the lamp to be used outside we recommend that a waterproof socket is used. The distance between the front glass and the surface to be heated must be at least 1.5m. A minimum mounting height of 2.5m is always recommended.


¤ The green-yellow conductor should be connected to the clamp marked with the earth symbol.
¤ Care must be taken to ensure that the glass is not touched by finger, resulting in grease residue.
¤ Tighten the nut of the compression gland so that the rubber seal tightens, the seal can be tightened to accommodate cables of between 8-11mm.
¤ The heater shall be mounted in such a way that the longitudinal axis does not slant more than 4 degrees from the ground plane. ( ie parallel / level )
¤ Disconnect the heater before the front glass is opened.
¤ To ensure maximum heat effectiveness, it is recommended that after the heater has been used for approximately 2 hours, that the front glass is opened and both the glass and the reflector are wiped with a lint free cloth before resealing.
Under normal circumstances this process should only be carried out once. Disconnect from mains before commencing cleaning.
¤ If the glass shield becomes cracked, contact manufacturer only for immediate replacement.
¤ Do not use and extension cable with his product.
¤ If in any doubt contact a suitably qualified electrician.
¤ Keep away from children.