Phono Interconnects

Designed by music lovers, for music lovers

The THOR phono interconnect series technology is the culmination of years of refinement, continuous improvement, and numerous feedback from discerning customers in the business. During the development stage we copied most of the advanced technologies incorporated into our standard interconnects construction.
PHONO connectors are by far the most common connectors found on consumer audio and video equipment.


We've analyzed the increasing demands placed on an PHONO connector, and have come up with several innovations that allow our connectors to deliver the highest performance and durability in the business. By paying close attention to all aspect of each individual component that makes up a lead, we've greatly reduced the common problems of RFI and EMI interference, resulting in a truly quiet interconnect for more natural music reproduction. Other innovative technologies provide improved reproduction of both analogue and digital mastered audio. Each THOR phono connector is designed with our high performance 6-cut self cleaning ground connector for maximum surface contact points.A split center-pin design provides superior contact area and high contact pressure to transfer more current, reduce distortion and deliver the best musical reproduction quality.

Two precision-wound, multi strand conductors with balanced bandwidth for optimized frequency response in order to accurately reproduce high, midrange, and low frequencies

Time corrected windings provide accurate reproduction of both phase and amplitude for exceptional transmission smoothness of the entire audio spectrum

Foamed PE insulation between conductors and the aluminium foil shield improves insulation and lowers capacitance. This minimizes signal loss and maximizes clarity, dynamic impact, and transient response. This low capacitance design ensures accurate 75 ohm impedance matching at input and output to minimize signal reflections for smooth, detailed music reproduction, wide soundstage and precise imaging without smearing or colourations. Additionally, our foamed PE dielectric offers complete signal accuracy and zero bit errors.

Conductive PVC bonded between a high density OFC braided shield clears up EMI, and effectively maintains its integrity against noises from mechanical vibrations, even when bending and flexing.

Our balanced shields completely eliminates all external modulated, unmodulated and static interference sources. This in turn eliminates colouring of the original signal by adjacent signal leads.

Unlike ordinary leads with limited bandwidth, the THOR Phono Interconnects have an ultra-wide bandwidth for rapid rise times of leading edges. This substantially reduces jitter and delivers extremely accurate signal reproduction with digital transmissions. Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) is equal to or less than 1.1 up to 200MHz! The extra-wide bandwidth delivers the most accurate transmission of digital square waves and reduces jitter for smooth, more natural sounding music reproduction form analogue and digital equipment.

Transient noise is minimized, imaging is more precise and overall coherency and transparency are improved to a degree not previously thought possible in audio interconnects at this price level. Audio-Visual connoisseurs will also appreciate superior clarity and reproduction of audio dynamics in today's Home Cinema installations. Truely a coax interconnect for audiophiles who want the best performance from their analogue and digital audio systems.

  • Features 6 self cleaning claw design PHONO contacts for more contact area.
  • Heavy mass ground shell made up of 100% brass with hard wearing gun metal coating for more contact mass.
  • Reinforced ground shell for long life.
  • Precision machined to ensure the best possible signal transfer.
  • Heavy-duty strain relief stands up to years of use.
  • Split center-pin design provides superior contact area.