Digital Interconnects

Philex has extensively examined the issues involved in the accurate transmission of digital signals through cabling. After years of research, experimentation with materials, shielding and grounding schemes, we build a select range of digital interconnect, based on three different performance levels.

We have experimented with many different interconnect configurations, including using the filter networks that are so strongly identified with THOR Interconnect. Since passive networks on digital interconnects always affect bandwidth and therefore rise time of a digital signal resulting in distortion we do not use networks on our digital interconnects.

Our analog audio interconnects are designed is to keep noise out of the audio signal; whereas, in digital signal transmission, our goal is to transmit the very signals we are trying to avoid in analog transmission and, at the same time, to avoid pollution of the digital signals by external noise. To meet these goals, interconnects must include the following characteristics:


  • Low capacitance design for reduced jitter and accurate signal transfer even over long runs.
  • Dense shielding resists leakage and interference for accurate signal transfer.
  • Close-tolerance impedance for extra-wide bandwidth.
  • Low attenuation, precision SPDIF digital coaxial interconnects
  • Gas-injected dielectric to prevent bit errors.
  • Double high density braided shielding for greater noise
  • Philex designed pressure connection keeps fiber in perfect alignment with components.
  • Metal shell connector for lifelong durability.
  • Graded index optical fiber greatly reduces jitter for enhanced clarity and definition.
  • Spring-loaded connector keeps fiber in optical allignment for maximum data transfer.
  • For use with DVD, CD, MiniDisc, DACs, S/PDIF, and Dolby Digital audio applications.
  • Philex precise fiber optic connection delivers higher sonic performance than standard interconnects.
  • Tuned spectral attenuation for optimum signal admittance and low loss.
  • High velocity of propagation for lower time smear.
  • Special low-loss fiber delivers clean, clear sound with enhanced transparency.
  • reduction and isolation and to prevent digital emissions.
In meeting all of these goals, we have created a range of digital interconnects that set the standard in low noise and accurate signal transmission.