Coaxial Interconnects

THOR TV & Satellite interconnects feature a specially stranded, all copper design for lower signal loss and reduction in VHF and UHF noise. Special heavy-duty double shielding protects against outside radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic (EM) interference.

These interconnects feature 75 Ohm balanced conductors in order to deliver a fuller and accurate frequency response. A 100% aluminium foil shield rejects RF and EM interference that causes buzz and hum. Each conductor is surrounded by a low-loss dielectric for minimum signal loss and accurate audio reproduction, even over long runs. And all connectors have 24k gold contacts for maximum signal transfer and corrosion resistance.

Unlike the inputs and outputs found on audio equipment, your video interconnect should also have a 75-ohm impedance - as do all Philex video interconnects. Otherwise the signal can be reflected back and forth in the interconnect and mix with the original signal, thus cancelling some video frequencies and thereby losing picture detail.

THOR Coax Interconnects maintain a 75-ohm impedance even when bent or moved. The THOR Interconnect shield is bonded to the interconnect's insulator, so they won't separate.

The traditional satellite and TV connector use the centre wire conductor as the male pin of the interconnect, which makes a poor connection, and usually bends easily, making the interconnect unusable. The THOR Coax Interconnects solve this problem by using a dedicated centre pin that mates perfectly with the socket on your receiver.


COAX connectors

  • Heavy mass ground shell made up of 100% brass with hard wearing gun metal coating for more contact mass.
  • Reinforced ground shell for long life.
  • Precision machined to ensure the best possible signal transfer.
  • Heavy-duty strain relief stands up to years of use.
  • Precision 75 ohm construction.